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Risk and Insurance Analyst, Risk Management and Insurance

Job ID: 16359

Updated: September 14, 2018

Location: Main Campus

Position Overview

The Risk Management and Insurance Team is currently seeking a Full-time Regular Risk and Insurance Analyst.

Reporting to the Director, Risk Management and Insurance, the Risk and Insurance Analyst is responsible to determine the processes required to make and implement decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of accidental and business losses to the University. This position provides critical expertise in the formation and maintenance of the University's comprehensive risk management and insurance programs.

The Analyst is required to advise various internal departments on liability, indemnity and insurance provisions in contracts, agreements and leases to ensure appropriate allocation of risk.  This position is responsible to review contracts for risk concerns and provide interpretation as well as alternate wording to reduce exposures to the University.  The incumbent is required to review, analyze, identify and provide mitigation techniques for a variety of risk management and insurance issues and is the primary person to review and analyze University events occurring on or off campus as well as third party events on campus.  This position is also responsible to create, maintain and advise on institutional standards/processes for such events, working in collaboration with other Risk department, Legal Services and Conference and Events management.  The incumbent is responsible to create and manage the waiver and informed consent program including interpretation of the content as well as establishing administration, distribution and retention processes.



Position Description

Summary of Key Responsibilities (job functions include but are not limited to):

Event Risk Assessment

  • Primary responsibility for risk assessments of University events on and off campus as well as third party events taking place on University property
  • Working with Conference and Event Management in the identification and assessment process and with event coordinators to ensure alignment to Event Guidelines
  • Working with other groups such as student groups, Wellness Committees, internal departments and third parties
  • Primary responsibility for developing, reviewing and updating Event Guidelines, Event Checklist, creating and updating specialized events processes and rules to ensure that the information is easily accessible for repetitive events
  • Act as one of the alternates for the Director on the Special Events Committee and the Bermuda Shorts Day Committee
  • Initiate purchase of Event Cancellation or Event Liability policies, where required


  • Primary responsibility for reviewing a large variety of legal agreements including leases, construction contracts, purchasing contracts and RFP's, research contracts, practica/internships, international partnerships, software, etc
  • Analysis of indemnity, risk and insurance to ensure that the University's contractual liability is understood and that the risk is minimized. If not acceptable, the incumbent is required to provide alternate clauses and wording or recommend alternative approaches for these documents, including mitigation actions. This could also include potentially denying that the contract go forward if third parties are placing the University in an unacceptable liability and risk position where we are not willing to accept that position. The number of reviews can range from 200-300 contracts per year
  • Primary responsibility for managing all master agreements for use of university facilities/services by Schoolboards, Scouts, Girl Guides and non-profit institutions
  • Maintain and update the list of available activities/facilities (working in collaboration with Kinesiology, research field stations, the observatory and various departments on campus)
  • Initiation and negotiation of renewal contracts with a minimum of 12 entities, as well as providing expertise on the interpretation of these agreements
  • Prepare addendums to the contracts as required
  • Keep current with the requirements for risk management and insurance issues for contracts, agreements, obligations and covenants and specific wordings and workings of these documents
  • Responsible for the departmental (insurance requirements) in the ISN system, including defining requirements and determining whether to allow variances for suppliers/contractors
  • Update and maintain the University overall matrix that establishes all requirements for insurance for third parties doing business with the university
  • Manage insurance requirements and waivers for Incoming Visitors to Campus and works with departments to ensure correct clauses are in the invitation as well as the correct waivers are signed. This requires coordinating with Human Resources and departments across campus

University waivers and informed consents

  • Primary University resource for creating waivers and informed consents, using two in-house software programs. These documents are used throughout the institution
  • Research new activity risks and create appropriate clauses/documents as needed
  • Manage and update the documents currently in use
  • Provide expertise on the interpretation of waivers and informed consents, their administration and retention in order to ensure that they are in alignment with legal requirements as they are used for defense of the University in litigation situations

Certificates of Insurance

  • Provide evidence of University insurance when requested by departments or required by contract
  • Review requests for Certificates of Insurance with supporting documentation/contracts, determine requirements and direct the Administrative Coordinator to order and distribute such
  • Act as a resource for the Administrative Coordinator during annual certificate renewals

Student WCB

  • Provide information to campus regarding Student WCB program
  • Develop and maintain a matrix indicating when provincial and external province Student WCB will apply and in what circumstances as well as providing process advice

Emergency Response and Business Continuity

  • As part of the University's Emergency Response Plan, responsible to be part of the first response team for Level 1, 2 and 3 emergencies on campus
  • Act on the Emergency Operations Group in the Compensation and Claims position on the Finance and Administration Team when required
  • Responsible for developing and reviewing department emergency response and business continuity plans


  • Undertake risk assessments of various University units and functions and research and develop policy and practices for both departmental and University wide implementation
  • Proactively identify and analyze exposures, examine feasibility of alternative risk management techniques, select, implement and monitor the results of the chosen techniques to ensure that the programs remain effective in order to service the risk management and insurance needs of the University and its community
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of insurance principles and risk management practices. In this capacity, the successful candidate must be able to integrate technical elements for both risk management and insurance requirements for the University
  • Advise Management and University Community-this person is a primary resource person to faculty, departments, ancillaries, affiliated organizations, students, and visitors regarding Risk Management administrative policies and procedures
  • Responsible to develop and maintain a wide portfolio of contacts
  • Responsible to identify clients' needs and recommend optimal or alternative course of action/methods that address those requirements
  • Must be competent in selecting appropriate information and the best method or format for presenting it
  • Responsible to take on newly identified tasks as needed without specific direction
  • Actively seek feedback from stakeholders with the intent to improve service and programs
  • Responsible to review and advise insurance requirements for stakeholders on potential liabilities and insurance requirements for special projects or activities including going beyond the immediate work place to gather relevant data and information to expedite risk management and insurance issues
  • Responsible to represent Risk Management and Insurance in meetings and on committees as required by the Director
  • Provide cross-over assistance to the Risk and Insurance Analyst- Property with respect to Claims. This includes determining if a loss is insurable under the University's insurance program. If insurable, the incumbent ensures any injured claimant is addressed appropriately, lost or damaged property is repaired/replaced as necessary, and initiate any reimbursement, settlement, or levying of deductible as required. Required to attend a loss location, whether during regular or after hours, to interview and gather information relating to claims, determining insurability and jointly with the Director, calling in experts when required
  • Required to attend a loss location, whether during regular or after hours, to interview and gather information relating to claims, determining insurability and jointly with the Director, calling in experts when required
  • All other duties and activities as and when identified that fall within the Risk Management and Insurance portfolio

Qualifications / Requirements:

  • Proven track record in risk management and insurance
  • Post-secondary education in a relevant discipline
  • Experience analysing complex legal contracts, including liability and insurance clauses within contracts to identify, control and manage risk exposures
  • Three to five years experience in the insurance or risk management industry
  • Good understanding of insurance concepts, policies and practices
  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Above average skills in a Windows environment, Excel spreadsheets, and MS Word

The following qualification/expertise would be an asset:

  • Enrolment in or completion of a program in one of the following professional industry designation: CRM, FRM, CIP and FCIP
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of types of insurance
  • Knowledge of Workers Compensation Board (WCB) legislation, coverage and procedures and experience in dealing with queries about WCB coverage would be an asset
  • Previous work with waivers, informed consents and/or issuing Certificates of insurance would be an asset
  • Knowledge of MS Access and Powerpoint

Application Deadline: September 28, 2018

We would like to thank all applicants in advance for submitting their resumes. Please note, only those candidates chosen to continue on through the selection process will be contacted.


Additional Information

This position is part of the AUPE bargaining unit, and falls under the Specialist / Advisor Job Family, Phase III .

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